All zebras have black and white stripes when they are adults and the kids have brown and white (this soon changes) however they all are not the same they have their own unique stripes. they are as different and unique as the human fingerprint. And despite what you might think the zebra is actually black with white stripes. And whilst it was previously thought to be the opposite it is actually true the white underbelly and the white stripes are just an addition to help the blend in with the grass. Now if you looked at a black and white zebra in the dry grass it stands out like a sore thumb, but one of it’s main predators the lion is colour blind and can’t tell the difference if they all stand in one big group they move as one individual. Also this helps to confuse flies as the stripes confuse the flies visual system.  Other than the stripes the zebra has night vision, it is not as good as it’s predators but helps them allot.

Zebras camouflage

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