The Yak is found in herds anywhere from 10 to 100 and they live in the mountainous areas of Asia. In a herd of 100 Yaks there is only a few males and lots of females. There is roughly 12,000,000 yaks in the world but only a handful of those are wild. They are mainly domesticated yak left and the wild ones are at risk of extinction .

The male Yaks are roughly 2-2.2 m tall and weigh 300-1,000 kg!!! They have lots of fur to keep themselves warm during the winter and whenever it gets cold really.

In the warmer months of September after a gestation period of 9 months the mother Yak gives birth to a single calf, and on rare occasions they will give birth to twins. The Yak calf is fully independent by the time they are 1 year old and are fully grown at seven years old. The diet of yaks is a herbivore and grazes on grass, herbs and wild flowers.


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