The wolverine can be found in remote reaches of Northern Boreal forests, Nordic countries, the U.S state of Alaska, Scandinavia,Siberia, ,Sub Arctic and the alpine tundra of the Northern Hemisphere. However the wolverine is native to the Baltic countries, Mongolia, North East China, European Russia and Russia far East.

The wolverine is a solitary animal, this means that they will live by themselves. However some successful males will make life time relations with 3-4 females.

Their diet consists of birds and their eggs, rats, mice and other small mammals in the warmer summer months. But in the cooler winters when there is snow covering the ground, they are forced and tend to hunt much larger animals such as: moose, reindeer and sheep. But whilst it is capable of taking down these large prey it takes allot of effort. Instead they find it easier to scavenge of other predators such as wolves or bears. They will first find the bear or wolf follow it let it make the kill and then charge at the bear/wolf bearing it’s teeth and growling hoping to scare it off, and the viola! a meal that took no effort!

wolverine vs bear

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