Wildlife and the Enviornment

Here in New Zealand there are many different endangered species of animals. these include the hector’s and maui’s dolphin. Both species of dolphin are endangered and we need to do everything we can do to save them. 

One of the main causes of animal distribution

all around the world is global warming. For example, the penguin, the effects of global warming melts the ice they live on and heats the water which causes the fish and squid (the penguin’s food) to move further and further away. This of course effects the penguins very hard.

Also global warming isn’t the only problem, as people are continuously using up more and more land for houses, hotels and other things needed for human civilization, the animals land and territory is getting smaller and smaller. This leaves the animals no choice but to move into areas with streets running everywhere this poses danger to the animals, as they are most likely to get run over by cars and other types of traffic.

Also another threat again posed by humans is where they leave their litter.                  Because we humans tend to leave all our rubbish and plastic bags on the ground animals usually will get hurt and sometimes even die.

If you were to leave your plastic shopping bag on the ground it will either get blown away by the wind or you will forget about it and it will again blow away. And after that plastic bag floats around for quite a bit it is most likely to end up in a stream or waterway, and after a while some turtle is most likely to find it and eat it because it mistakes it for its favourite food: the jelly fish. And because turtles can’t recurgurtate it once they have swallowed it  so after time this bag still jammed in the unfortunate turtle fills up with air and then the even more unfortunate turtle can’t dive to get its food, this makes it an easy prey for predators.

So remember to take some consideration for animals when you build your water pump, try and use other types of things to keep warm, and watch where you leave your litter.

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  1. Thomas Geary says:

    Did you know hector dolphins can only hold there breath for 15 minutes!

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