Umbrella Birds

The umbrella bird inhabits South and Central American rainforests. There are three species of umbrella bird: long-wattled umbrella bird, Amazonian umbrella bird and the bare-necked umbrella bird.


Long-wattled umbrella bird:

The male long-wattled umbrella bird is usually 51 cm in length, and the females, 25.5 cm long. Also the male has a large overhanging crest on top of its head. This bird gets it’s name from the males inflatable wattle on the neck.  It is covered in rather scaly feathers and can be inflated in the breeding season to impress the females. But it is not just the males that have this wattle and crest the females do too it’s just that the females are reduced in size compared to the males.

The first nest ever discovered of this species was in 2003 by scientists. But the males hadn’t helped to build the nest at all or raise the chicks before and after they hatch this was left to the females. Also both the males and the females are quiet during most of the year but when the breeding season arrives the males will shout out a loud call hoping for a female to hear in the breeding season though.

The diet of the long-wattled umbrella bird consists of fruits, insects and lizards, but their overall favourite is palm nuts.                                   The status of this bird is vulnerable to extinction.

long-wattled umbrella bird


Amazonian  umbrella bird:

The male Amazonian umbrella bird is much bigger than the female growing to be an average of 48-55 cm long and weighs 480-571 grams. Whereas the female only weighs up to 380 grams and grows to be an average of 41-44 cm long. They have an inflatable wattle on their neck and a crest on the top of their head and are pretty much entirely black. Those who have seen a Amazonian umbrella bird fly say that it looks like that of a woodpecker flying. They are mainly found in Amazon Basin woodlands and forests ( they prefer to be near a river).

This bird is heard more than they are seen. And their diet consists of insect larvae, spiders and insects but they would prefer fruit and berries. Their status is least concerned.

amazonian umbrella bird


Bare necked umbrella bird:

This species is the most troubled species out of all the species of umbrella bird with their status being endangered. And also like the other two species of umbrella bird the male is the largest. They average at 41 cm and and weigh 450 grams. But once again with the female being the smallest they weigh an average of 320 grams and average at about 36 cm. They are threatened by habitat loss the most which leaves them with no where to go without the risk of getting shot and their food source so they are stuck with a hard situation.

bare neck umbrella bird




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