The Eco-system

The Eco system is a community of life that all works in harmony.

For example:

the plants eat the soil,water and the sun, the bug eats the plant,the birds eat the bugs, the cats eat the birds etc.

An Eco system is a thing that makes up the regions of the world. It supports the worlds life forms.

The rivers and oceans of the world are also part of Eco systems.

If we were to change the way that an Eco system works, it would have drastic measures. For example: if humans removed lions from Africa, then that that would mean that the dung beetles would have to go further to find food and places to live, this would mean that the birds would have to go away to try and find the bugs and their larvae. This would force them to go into humans land where they are allowed to be shot, poisoned or trapped. And as for the plants their soil won’t be as fertile so the plants wouldn’t be fertile so that wouldn’t make it as good.

An example of an Eco system



Feral pigs




sun and water

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