Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial that is now only found in Tasmania, Australia.


The Tasmanian devil has black fur with the irregular white patches/lines throughout the exterior of the body (This line is often found on the chest area of the Tasmanian devil). Whilst the majority of the Tasmanian devil population has this white line (84%) the rest (16%) do not.The Tasmanian devil is also easily identified by not only it’s appearance, but the  sounds that they make as well. Tasmanian devils are often heard hissing, growling, or even screaming at each other. This infamous scream in fact, is very well known and very, very easy to tell who makes it…


The Tasmanian devil is a carnivore. In-fact the Tasmanian devil is well known for it’s voracious appetite, this is probably due to the point that they can eat  animals as big as a small kangaroo and/or livestock animals such as a sheep. And it is when the Tasmanian devil is feeding, that it is at the most risk. This is due to the fact that the potentially fatal disease: Devil Facial Tumour Disease or DFTD. Devil facial tumour disease is often spread when the teeth of a Tasmanian devil comes into contact with a diseased cell of another, unrelated devil. Once the deadly disease has been caught, inflammation and swelling around the mouth will occur and will make it extremely hard to eat, soon after this, the disease will reach the point where the Tasmanian devil will be unable to open its mouth and so it will eventually starve to death.

(I would insert a photo here however the graphic nature of it suggests I shouldn’t)

Because of DFTD and many other reasons such as poaching/hunting and deforestation, the Tasmanian devil is now classed as endangered.

So so if you have any suggestion on how to help ensure the survival of the Tasmanian is a success, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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