Woma Python:

The Woma Python is a reptile that feeds mainly on other reptiles and some types of mammals. The Woma Python lives in Central Australia, South Western Queensland and in a few scattered areas in Western Australia. Sometimes the Woma Python will eat other snakes and they are actually immuned to venomous snake bites. To hunt down its prey the Woma Python will wait patiently on a rock or ledge and then when its prey will come by it will strike it and usually swallow it whole.

woma python snake

Green Python:

The Green Python as its name suggests is a member of the python family. They are found in the rainforests of Papa New Guinea, Iran Jaya and in some places in Cape York Peninsula Australia.  The Green Python is what is called aboreal meaning tree dweller. When they go hunting they will go hunting in the trees looking for lizards and birds. Also when they go hunting they will ambush their prey by hanging upside down so that it looks just like all of it’s surroundings. The colour of the Green Python depends on where it lives and they can go from being dark green to almost sky blue.


green python snake

Spotted Python:

The spotted Python is a nocturnal species of snake and they will go hunting mainly at the night time. They are found in Northen New South Whales and Queensland. At dusk when the bats are leaving their cave to go hunting for the night the Spotted Python will ambush it’s prey just as they are leaving the front entrance of their caves. The Spotted Python since it is a smaller type of Python is also known as the Pygmy Python.

spotted python

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