Snakes are reptiles, they have no eyelids and no limbs. Being cold blooded they have to bask in the sun in order to get warm. How ever they are not to be confused with lizards here are some differences between a snake, and a lizard:  Snakes have no eyelids where a lizard does instead snakes have a transparent scale that covers it’s eyes, Snakes do not have external ears where a lizard does (snakes hear through their skull) , Snakes have a bifid tongue and lizards don’t.There is also different kinds of snakes, such as: vipers, pit vipers and constrictors.

Snakes have been represented as good and evil. The Hopi of South America annually perform the “snake dance”, they do this to worship the snake youth and the snake girl. This is not only a dance but a prayer to the spirit of the clouds, thunder and lightning praying that rain shall fall on the crops. Others believe that the snake symbolizes an umbilical cord and connects all humans to mother earth. In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold the whole of the universe on his hoods.

Snake charming is done in some countries of the world however is done more in India than anywhere else. Snake charmers carry a snake in a basket and perform on the side of the road. Most, if not all snake charmers have taken the fangs out of the snake that they are “charming”. This is so that if the snake tries to bite it will not inject venom, or hurt the charmer. The charmer is thought to charm the snake by playing a instrument similar to the flute whilst swaying the instrument side to side. However since snakes don’t have external ears they are not charmed by the instrument but by the instrument swaying.

snake in tree

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