Red Kangaroo

The red kangaroo is the tallest of all of the kangaroos with the male standing at a huge 4 feet 7 inches, and the females 3 feet 7 inches. They can leap to lengths of 9 metres ( 30 feet) in just on leap.They can accomplish this using their strong muscular legs.They use their long tail to help them balance when running and when they are landing. Also like their name suggests they are a reddish sort of colour, however they also have a brown sort of tinge to their colouring. It has long ears and a kind of squared off muzzle.

The female red kangaroo has an ability that just about every kangaroo can do, this is to delay the birth of the new joey until the other one has left the pouch. The male red kangaroo will like most other animals that live in groups will fight over the females. When they do this it is called “boxing”. The joeys won’t usually leave the pouch until they are 235 days old.

The red kangaroo is especially known for it’s boxing and it is kind of a Australian idol for boxing.

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