The platypus is one of the three egg-laying mammals in the world called monotremes. The platypus has a venomous spur on its hind legs these are used for defending territory or if they are threatened. Platypuses along with its cousins the long beaked echidna and the short beaked echidna are the only animals that are capable of doing something called electrolocation. Scientists think that with this ability they can sense their prey no one really knows. The platypus can tell where a live battery is and they will ignore a flat one.

Because not much is known about the platypus it is hard to get the right habitat for them. Platypuses are one of the animals that represent Australia and they can be found on a Australian 20 cent  coin. The main problems to the platypus is habitat destruction and pollution in the water which is where they hunt their prey and wherre they spend most of their time.


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