Plastic Bag Challenge

The Facts

  • It is estimated that over 1 million marine animals are killed by plastic bags each year.
  • Birds, fish and even whales have been found dead with up to 1kg of plastic bags inside them.
  • The Sea Turtle is one marine animal that suffers more than others, because plastic bags look a lot like there favourite food the  Jelly Fish.
  • With turtles, the danger is also higher because turtles cannot regurgitate what they have swallowed. They also have  downward facing spines in their throats which prevent the bag from coming out.
  • Food trapped in the gut causes gases to accumulate in their body, making them float and unable to search for food in deep waters. This  makes them easy prey for predators.

The Challenge

  • The Challenge is simple,

“To remove 10,000 plastic bags from the environment”

What I would like is for all like minded wildlife warriors to collect as many plastic bags from the environment as we can, remember even bags lying around on land  in parks and school yards may one day get blown into our water ways. (make sure you use a stick or rubbish spike when picking them up, it is rubbish after all)

Email me here how many you have collected and I will add your name and results to a tally list that will be on this page along with our overall total.

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Hi Josh, today I managed to collect this many bags

Can you please add this to your grand total

With your help we can possibly save 10,000 turtles just by picking up 10,000 bags. you may even want to get your school or classroom involved.

The Results

  • The total Bags collected now stands at…

Grand total bags collected = 415

The following people have helped in this challenge.

JOSH LAWTON     aged 17     50 bags

ZAC                           aged 11      3 bags

JAYDEN BELL       aged 11      37 bags

SAM PITCHERS    aged 11        1 bag

LAURA                    aged 11         40 bags 

OLIVIA FOWLER aged 10           16 bags

KELLIE WALKER aged 39        1 bag

THOMAS GEARY   aged 10       68 bags                                                          

MICHAELA              aged 10       12 bags                                                           

REUBEN  HANNAH   aged 10      34 bags 

TRENT                         aged 9       62 bags

ASHLEY WALKER  aged 9       2 bags

EMMA ELLIMAN    aged 11    13 bags

TYLER SUMMERS   aged 11    5 bags

PETER THORN          aged 36     1 bag

JAYDEN                      aged 10    3 bags

LIAM WILSON         aged 11         6 bags

AIMEE                         aged 10       23 bags

JOSHUA WALKER   aged 11      38 bags