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These brands: Trident, Arnott’s, corinthians, coles smart buy, purity, swami sarasvati, organic care/natures organics and brute indurance are responsible for the unessecary, brutal deaths of these poor, innocent animals:



Unfortunately, orangutans are not the only species that is affected by the brands mentioned above, many other animals, both big and small, are drastically affected by them as well. But why is it that these brands prove such a danger to the well-being of these jungle animals? Well, it’s due to the fact that each of these brands contain Palm oil. And why is this so bad?  You might ask, well: whilst Palm oil itself isn’t bad, the ways used to keep up with the supply and demand of it is nowhere near as appealing.

The first danger to the animals of the rainforest, is where these big companies choose to plant the trees in which Palm nuts are harvested from. To most companies (like all of the previously mentioned) the answer is clear; in the rainforest. This proves harmful to all of the inhabited creatures of the rainforest as:

Many animals choose to make one house and live in it for their whole life. This can prove potentially fatal for the species who do decide to do this as they can become easily trapped, or even worse as their homes get torn up forcing the animal to leave its beloved home in search of a new location to live.

The next major problem that the inhabitants of the rainforest have found themselves facing, is the amount of toxic fumes that are emitted from the heavy duty vehicles that plough their way through the dense landscape.


When inhaled for one periods of time, these fumes can become potentially fatal for not only the inhabitants of the rainforest, but the rainforest itself. And to make matters worse, the fumes that hang around the air for days possibly weeks don’t all come from the heavyweight vehicles, but chainsaws and other mechanical woodcutting tools, as well as smoke from fires that the loggers (loggers is what people who illegally cut down trees are called) light in order to help destroy the rainforest at an even more alarming rate. Fire is exceptionally bad as once ignited, it will keep burning sometimes even faster than the vehicles that they use could go. Animals often get caught in these deadly, out of control fires resulting in many animal fatalities.


The final threat to the inhabitants of the jungle of which I will be explaining, is one that has already been lightly explained throughout this post, and it is deforestation. Deforestation is when trees get cut down, destroying the habitats of many defenceless animals. However in the case of deforestation that I have been explaining, chopping down trees is only part of what is actually occurring. This is because trees are not only a source of fresh oxygen, but habitats for many animals from snakes to birds to spiders and even bigger animals such as orangutans and elephants! However this is not all that trees provide for the rainforest, no, trees provide one of the key ingredients to survival, food. And so when deforestation takes place, every animal inhabiting that area of the rainforest will most likely suffer. As their home/shelter will get destroyed their source of food will be destroyed and even some of their fresh oxygen.


But what is this whole post about? Well, all of the examples explained above, are examples on what is secretly going on to increase the already alarming rate of which our rainforests are being destroyed. And the destruction of one of the greatest concentration of animal biomass, in the world. And what is all of this for, to make room for the companies mentioned at the start of this post, to create Palm oil plantations.

So how can you help at home? By donating to to organisations such as WWF (WorldWildlifeFund) who are intent on helping conserve our rainforests and bring a stop to the destruction of not only our rainforests, but all of the creatures that inhabit them. Or, by not buying the products that contain Palm oil, the companies that use Palm oil will not have a need to chop down any more trees to keep up with the supply and demand. Otherwise try writing a letter to a company that you now know use Palm oil in their products explaining why they should stop immediately.


Do you have any other ideas on how to help stop the ongoing if Palm oil plantations? If so, please leave a comment below so that others can help out too!





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