Narwhals diet consists of Arctic cod, shrimp and Gonatus squid. Although people have found skate eggs, wolf fish, capelin and people have also discovered rocks in their stomachs, having rocks in the stomachs is due to them feeding near the ocean floor and swallowing them by accident when they are trying to capture their prey.

The narwhal’s long tusk that is attached to it’s upper jaw is rarely used for full on fights. How ever male narwhals will raise their heads out of the water and rub their tusks together. It is thought that this is done to maintain dominance within their group consisting of up to 5-10 individuals. Also they will use their tusks to break holes in the ice so that they can breathe. Their tusks are made up of something called ivory, that is the same sort of thing that an elephants tusk is made of.

The narwhal is hunted for it’s meat, skin, organs and blubber. In 2008 there was 75,000 narwhals left in the world and they are considered near threatened.


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