Mutton bird

The mutton bird belongs to a group of birds called petrels. They are found ( in New Zealand ) In the winter they fly to the North Pacific, and when it is around September they can be found flying South down our coasts, they will usually reach their breeding grounds by the end of this month. The mutton bird is actually very heavily built, it is about the same size as that of a mallard duck except the mutton bird has a more streamlined body shape. The colour of the mutton bird is dark brown with a small tinge of silver on the underside of their narrow wings. They look like they are black when they are flying. Also they have a curved beak with a sharp hooked bit on the tip of it. They, like other species of sea birds have got lilac coloured webbed feet which work kind of lie flippers and it helps to propel them through the water. evidence suggests that they will keep returning to the same burrows to lay there eggs each year. It is thought that they will only come onto land to breed. There is becoming to be countless numbers of these birds populated around the world. Both of the parents help to incubate the eggs. When the chick has hatched, the parents will still remain to take turns looking after the chick while the other goes out to sea to hunt for fish. When the parents go out to sea they come home and regurgitate the oils produced by the fish that they eat and then they will feed that to the baby chicks. 


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