Maui’s Dolphin

the Maui’s dolphin or cephalorhynchus hectori maui is New Zealands most endangered species of marine dolphins and with only 100 individuals left it is no surprise that their status is critically endangered. This means that they are at a extremely high risk of becoming extinct. And also since there is only very few breeding females the population of Maui’s dolphins are not improving very much. But, the females that can breed only give birth to a single calf every 2-4 years.

Female Maui’s dolphins can also grow up to 1.7m long and weigh up to 50kg. However the males weigh slightly less and are slightly smaller too. Their diet is flatfish, cod, other sea floor animals, small fish and squid. In fact, most of the time Maui’s dolphin is making dives to the sea floor to catch it’s prey but they have been seen feeding at the surface sometimes as well.

One of the main causes that is wiping out the Maui’s dolphin is fishing. Fishing nets is the cause of several Maui’s dolphin deaths as sometimes, these dolphins will turn off their echolocation and swim into and get tangled in the nets. Conservationists have confronted fisherman about this problem and they themselves have even admitted that they have caught Maui’s dolphins in the past accidentally.

maui's dolphin dead, tangled in a net



hectors dolphin


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