The Leopard is a carnivore and it will try to hide its prey by dragging them up trees or hiding them in some dense vegetation. The leopard preys on anything from small insects to deer to the giant elands. Males weigh anywhere up to 96 kg and females anywhere from 23-60kg average.

Some people can not spot any difference when you look at a leopard’s spots and then at a cheetah’s spots but there is a difference. The cheetah has solid black spots and “tear lines” that are black lines that run down from the corners of their eyes to the corners of their mouth. However the leopard has clusters of more brownish than black spots, look a bit like roses. These patterns on the leopards bodies help the leopard blend in with the moving grass. The leopards in Eastern Africa have their clusters of spots in a circular pattern, where as the leopards in Southern Africa have their spot clusters in more of a square pattern.

The leopard can run at speeds of 58 kmph (36 mph), They are incredibly stealthy, can haul their prey up a tree and they can adapt well to their area as well.


this is a cheetah (left) and leopard (right) Cheetah and Leopard


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