The koala is one of the most commonly known Australian animal.They are marsupials and they have a backwards facing pouch that they use to carry their young in.The word “koala” means “no drink”. This may be because of the fact that they get most of their water from their food, eucalyptus leaves. However whilst the female koala can consume as much water from the leaves that it eats, males also rely on other sources of water such as puddles on the ground etc. They weigh on average 4-15 kg and are 60-85 cm long. This makes them one of the largest arboreal marsupial on earth. Koalas have a kind of fluid on the top of the inside of the head and on top of the brain. The reason for this remains unknown, however one theory is that it serves as a kind of cushion to protect the brain if it were to fall out of a tree. Also koalas are often thought to be koala “bears” this however is not true as they are marsupials and not related to bears at all.

koala sleeping in a tree on a hot day

Koalas are pretty antisocial creatures, spending just 15 minutes a day doing any kind of social behavior. This does not seem like allot, but because of it’s non nutritious diet they don’t get much energy and spend roughly 4 minutes each day doing any real physical activity. They spend an average of 20 hours a day sleeping, and the rest, they spend sleeping. Usually they will eat and sleep from the same tree, however if they do decide to move, they will do so on all fours. On extremely hot days, they will sleep with their legs spread apart so they can keep cool. On cold days however they will curl up into a ball so that the can conserve body heat. And on a windy day they will usually climb down from the higher branches of a tree and cling onto the stronger and more wide branches of the lower hanging branches.







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