The kiwi is a species of bird that is native to New Zealand. Kiwis can not fly, however they are quite capable of giving a hunting dog a fatal blow or severely bruise it. The kiwi is one of the smallest exotic birds, as it often only reaches roughly the same size of a domestic chicken. However the kiwi lays the largest egg relating to it’s size. A single kiwi egg is usually ten times the size of a chickens egg, which is pretty big considering the kiwi itself is only about the size of a chicken..  There is several species of kiwis called the great spotted kiwi that grows to be 45cm tall with the males weighing about 2-3.5 kg. Another one of the species is the little spotted kiwi, which is only 25cm tall. Also another one is the Okarito brown kiwi. This kiwi has a slight greyish tinge to it. This kiwi is actually able to lay three eggs, however they all have to be in different nests and both the male kiwi and the female has to help incubate them. The southern brown kiwi is probably the most common species of kiwi and is found most in the south island.


The number one threat to kiwis is the introduced animals to keep the pests away, however they have became the pests. Some of these animals include the stoats, some dogs, cats and ferrets. The kiwi is also suffering like many other animals from deforestation and becoming road kill. just about only 10% of the kiwi chick population world-wide doesn’t survive to be 6 months old. However the adult kiwis also fall prey to ferrets and dogs and it is not often that will survive.

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