Kangaroos are marsupials and have a pouch. They are herbivores which means they eat plants and fruits. Most kangaroos hop to move on the ground but there is one species of kangaroo called a tree kangaroo which have a type of thumb on their feet to help them grip onto the branches of trees.

Red Kangaroo: The Red Kangaroo is the biggest species of kangaroos the male standing at 4 feet 7 inches and the females 3 feet 7 inches . the top speed of the red kangaroo is 60km per hour at their top speed, the legs of the red kangaroo are like “elastic rubber bands” in a single stride a male red kangaroo can leap over 9 meters. the colour of the red kangaroo is a type of reddish brown colour.

Eastern grey kangaroo: the eastern grey kangaroo is a light coloured grey sometimes a brownish grey colour and sometimes they have a nearly white colour on its body. most of the eastern grey kangaroo births occur in the summer. the population of this kangaroo is a few several million. a big male eastern kangaroo stands around 2 meters tall.

(red kangaroo on the right and Eastern grey kangaroo on the left)

eastern grey kangaroo                                redkangaroo

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