The Hippopotamus or most known as the hippo is a mammal that lives in the sub- Saharan Africa. It feeds on the sea grass at the bottom of the lakes or rivers that they live in. To keep cool in the heat of the day they like to roll around in the mud and the water. Their first ancestors lived about 30,000000 years ago.

Even though the hippopotamus might seem like a lumbering old clumsy thing they are actually quite fast and they can outrun a human as they can reach a speed of kph over short distances. The hippo is considered one of the most dangerous animals in the whole of the sub-Saharan Africa because of those massive canines. The word hippopotamus comes from the early Greek word ‘River Horse’.The hippopotamus usually gives birth to one calf at a time and when it does it it gives birth under water so the calf has to swim back up to the surface.

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