Giraffes are the tallest animals. Male giraffes can grow to be 5.5 m ( 18 feet) however the females will usually be 4.5 m from the tip of the horns to the ends of the hooves. Half of the giraffes height is in it’s neck, which it uses to reach leaves on the high branches. As well as a long neck they also have a long blackish- blue coloured tongue, hich can strech to be 45cm long, this tongue helps it to pull the leaves, fruit and flowers which it feeds on into it’s mouth.

The adult giraffes  are almost invulnerable to predators, however the calves fall prey to lions, leopards, spotted hyenas and wild dogs. When the adult giraffes go away to feed on grass, the calves will gather into a small group to make them less vulnerable to predators as they are not old enough to go with the adults.

Mother giraffes will usually give birth to one calf after a gestation period of  roughly 15 months but they will sometimes but very rarely give birth to twins. But what seems unfortunate for the newborn calves is  that the mothers give birth standing up so they start their lives by falling 1.8m to the ground!!. Every year the females give birth in a special breeding ground, that they will return to every year to give birth in. The baby giraffes suckle their mothers milk until they are 15 months old, then they will start eating grass with the other adult giraffes.

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