The eel is a type of fish. A high majority of all of the eel species is nocturnal, and are rarely seen in the day.The eel has a very highly sensitive nose when it comes to blood, Their nose is even more sensitive to blood then that of the great white shark. If you put a raw piece of meat in a lake if there are eels around they will come to it.

The eel starts its life as transparent larvae floating on the surface of the water. While they are still larvae they feed on the marine snow that floats in the water, These are very small particles that are small enough to fit in their tiny mouths. Their body has got scales on their body however if you were to pick them up it wouldn’t feel like they had any at all, but they really have their scales under a small layer of skin. Most species of eel have poisonous blood, just 12 drops of it’s blood if swallowed is enough to kill a dog in ten minutes. They also have hundreds of sharp teeth with pointed tips in several rows. Some people think that the eel is a type of snake, but really that is just a lie, and they are                                            really not, they are a type of fish with non-venomous teeth.


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