The dugong is a sea dwelling mammal that feeds on seaweed at the bottom of the ocean. When the water gets rough and wavy they will dive under the surface enough to not feel the forces of the wind and the waves and they will only come up in this situation to breathe. The Steller’s sea cow was the dugongs closest relative. And they were hunted to extinction in the 18th century it is also the only sirenian in its range. They don’t have a dorsal fin like a dolphin or hind limbs like a lemur instead the have forelimbs that look like that of a paddle. Also whilst it does not have a dorsal fin like a dolphin they do in fact have a tail fin like a dolphin instead.

For thousands of years they have been hunted for meat and oil that they contain. They now have a status of vulnerable to extinction (VU).

The average life span of the dugong is 70 years and have a very slow reproduction rate giving birth to 1 calf every 2.4-7 years And the gestation period of a dugong is anywhere from 13-15 months that’s over a year!!!

the result of fishing and huntingdugong

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  1. Madelyn Vaughn says:

    Hi Josh!
    I like you’re website.I am also 9 yrs. old. I live in LA. D.S. In writing class I have to write a research paper on bottle nose dolphins.
    Can you post facts, about them? I don’t know were they live, or what they eat.

    madelyn vaughn

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