Common Viper

The common viper is a type of reptile, and as it’s name suggests it is a type of snake called a viper. It eats frogs,lizards and small mammals. They wait until the prey they have chosen comes towards them and then they will strike and kill their prey with their poison. After they have injected venom into the prey they wait until it (the prey) dies. They will then eat it when it is dead. When they are not biting their prey they will fold their fangs up in their mouth. They are commonly known for their short fat bodies. They are also one of the only species of snake to have venom glands. They are found in some of Far-East Asia and most of Western Europe.

The average size of litters are anywhere from 3-20 individuals, but they breed every 2-3 years.The litters are usually born in late Summer to early Autumn ( in the Northern Hemisphere) . They young are usually raised by the mother.iadderc001p4

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