The Australian Dingo is a wild dog unique to Australia.  Mainly found in the outback. The Dingo is a medium sized  red to yellow wild dog. Dingoes do not bark, but they do howl, and are found in all the mainland states of Australia. It is thought they first  arrived in Australia with humans from  Asia thousands of years […] Read more »

Bottlenose Dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is a mammal which means that they are warm blooded and breath air. They are the most well known species of dolphins. They live in groups called pods of 10-20 individuals but sometimes more. The bottlenose dolphin sometimes helps fishermen by driving them into the nets and they will eat the ones that escape. They can […] Read more »


The dugong is a sea dwelling mammal that feeds on seaweed at the bottom of the ocean. When the water gets rough and wavy they will dive under the surface enough to not feel the forces of the wind and the waves and they will only come up in this situation to breathe. The Steller’s sea cow was […] Read more »

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