Common Viper

The common viper is a type of reptile, and as it’s name suggests it is a type of snake called a viper. It eats frogs,lizards and small mammals. They wait until the prey they have chosen comes towards them and then they will strike and kill their prey with their poison. After they have injected […] Read more »

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The cougar has lots of different names such as puma, mountain lion or panther. It is found in America and although it is a big cat it is more closely related to the smaller felines. The cougar is a stalk and prey predator and the diet of the cougar consists of sheep, deer, elk and bighorn sheep. Even though it is a […] Read more »


The cheetah is the fastest land animal reaching a speed of up to 120km per hour. It has the ability to accelerate from 0kmph to 103kmph in a matter of 3 seconds!!! that is faster then some race cars. After a gestation period of 90-98 days they can give birth of up to 9 cubs. […] Read more »