Save the orangutans

There is an estimated 48,000 orangutans left in the world. That’s nothing compared to the 500,000 individuals there was only 100 years ago. Also, orangutans are dependent of the tropical rainforest as a place to reside at night time, as well as a way to keep above the grasp of any predators that may be […] Read more »

Palm Oil

These brands: Trident, Arnott’s, corinthians, coles smart buy, purity, swami sarasvati, organic care/natures organics and brute indurance are responsible for the unessecary, brutal deaths of these poor, innocent animals:   Unfortunately, orangutans are not the only species that is affected by the brands mentioned above, many other animals, both big and small, are drastically affected […] Read more »

Why do I love animals? (inquiry/ASPIRE)

I’ve liked animals for as long as I can remember. So for my inquiry I decided I should find out where this love came from. So my project became: Why do I love animals? Using the answers I got from interviewing mum I set to work at finding some similarities me and mum have regarding animals. Here […] Read more »