Bottlenose Dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is a mammal which means that they are warm blooded and breath air. They are the most well known species of dolphins. They live in groups called pods of 10-20 individuals but sometimes more. The bottlenose dolphin sometimes helps fishermen by driving them into the nets and they will eat the ones that escape. They can […] Read more »

Bengal tiger

The Bengal Tiger is a carnivore which means that they have a diet of strictly meat and they prey on water buffalo, porcupines hares and peafowl. They live in India and also they have a longer face in height then that of the Siberian tiger. The Bengal tiger has the largest population out of all of the species of […] Read more »


The beluga is a type of whale and they are found in the arctic oceans. The male beluga is larger than the female beluga in height as he reaches a length of up to 18ft long while the females grow up to 13ft. The beluga whale is the only species of whale that can change […] Read more »

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