Bengal tiger

The Bengal Tiger is a carnivore which means that they have a diet of strictly meat and they prey on water buffalo, porcupines hares and peafowl. They live in India and also they have a longer face in height then that of the Siberian tiger.

The Bengal tiger has the largest population out of all of the species of tiger with a population of 1,706-1,909 in India alone, up to 229 in Nepal, 440 in Bangladesh and 67-81 in Bhutan. However despite having the largest population of all species of tigers they still have a status of endangered (EN).

The average length of a male including the tail is 270-310, whilst the females are about 240-265 average. The difference between the average male and the average females weight is 81.5 kilograms with the male weighing 221.2 kg and the females weighing an average of 139.7 kg.

Most cubs are born in December and April. And after a gestation period of 104-106 days the tigress will give birth to 1-4 cubs, they will get born in a cave or in tall grass or bushes. When the cubs re first born they have their eyes shut, no teeth and their ears are shut. They completely rely on their senses of smell and touch.

bengal tiger cute siberian tiger cub

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