The aye-aye inhabits the forests of Madagascar. It is the largest nocturnal lemur in the world. The aye-aye was on the risk of being extinct in 1980 but survived. The main cause of this was the fact that some tribes believe that they are evil. If a aye-aye was caught in their village the aye-aye would be killed. Another belief is that if they pointed their narrowest finger at you, you were marked for death.

The Aye-Aye is an omnivore. This means that they will eat both other animals and plants. Under the cover of night they will  move through the trees in search of mainly plants, seeds, insects and nectar. Male aye-ayes have been known to travel 2 km to find food. The aye-aye has a unusual way of finding it’s food. When in search of insects they first, find dead wood, then, they will tap the wood with their narrowest finger (the 3rd finger) and then they will use their bat-like ears to hear the slightest sound. If they do they will use their rat-like teeth to gnaw into the wood, and then, there tasty meal of wood boring grubs await him.

The aye-aye has very few natural predators, the biggest threat to them being the nocturnal Foosa however birds of prey and snakes can still pose a threat, especially to the younger aye-ayes.But like most other animals the biggest threat to them are humans. Whilst not all humans think that they are a bad omen to see one they still are hunted for their meat.



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