African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog or the painted dog, is a medium sized dog found in Sub-Saharan Africa. They have patterns of colours that are unique to each individual. These patterns are thought to serve as camouflage to help them stalk prey.

The African Wild Dog is an opportunistic hunter. They prey mainly on antelope, warthogs, sick or hurt wildebeest and other large mammals. However they also will eat insects, rodents, lizards and birds. They are capable of taking down prey that is much faster than themselves, this is due to the fact that they can run for miles chasing one prey and keep themselves running at a steady pace. Their prey will normally tire before they will and collapse under the strain. But other than that they can hunt in a pack of 10-30 individuals, these numbers help to corner their prey.

Despite the fact that these African wild dogs can run for miles on end they are not at the top of the predatory line. Whilst they have very few predators they do have them. Humans are the main threat to the African Wild Dog, but, out of their natural predators the African lion and the hyena are a threat to any individual that strays off from the main group.                                african wild dog pup

After a gestation period of 70 days the female African Wild Dog gives birth to a litter of 2-20 pups. However there is usually only one pair of breeding African wild dogs per pack. For the first few weeks of her pups life the female will stay with them in the den. During this time she does not leave to feed herself, instead she relies on other members of the pack to bring her back food. When the pups leave  the den at 2-3 months old they are cared for by the whole pack until they are independent enough to leave the pack or start their own.

African Wild Dog Chasing Zebra



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