African Penguin

The African Penguin or black-footed penguin is found on 24 islands in between Aloga bay and Namibia (near Port Elizabeth, Africa). Whilst some American penguins and the African penguin both make the same sound as a donkeys bray, the African Penguin is nicknamed the “jackass” penguin.

The African penguin can live for 10-27 years old in the wild, however they often fall prey to Cape fur seals, sharks,domestic cats, mongooses, genets, occasionally the Orca whale and kelp gull ( the kelp gull can eat the young African penguins and their eggs). But like all other marine birds they can also die from oil spills, and like most other animals they can fall prey to humans. Their status is now endangered.

The African penguin preys on pilchards, anchovies and other small pelagic fish, they also prey on crustaceans, squid and other marine animals. When raising chicks they can consume over 1 kg of food but when they don’t have to care for their chicks as well this is reduced to roughly 565 grams

African penguin braying


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