African Lion

The African lion, as it’s name suggests, lives in Africa. They live in prides that consist of females and their cubs, as well as a few males. Whilst they are commonly called “the king of the jungle” they typically live on the savannas or grasslands. The females in the pride often do the hunting however they are less likely to share it with other lions. Their diet consists of mainly large mammals, however like most humans they prefer some animals over others. These include wildebeest, zebra, warthog and buffalo. Wildebeest being most preferred, followed closely behind by the zebra.

The African lion is ranked vulnerable  to extinction. The African lion has lost an estimated 30%-50% of their population in the last 20 years. One of the reasons their population is decreasing is because of poaching, but why do these animals get poached? well one of the main reasons is because they are thought to be ‘man-eaters’. Some lions however do attack people, but for good reason either they suffer from tooth decay and humans are easier on their tooth, or, hunters who have tried to kill a lion has shot the lion in the jaw breaking the tooth, so in that case, it would be the hunter’s fault. However if their is a decrease in their prey, then there will be a higher chance of lion attacks. Lions are also responsible for an average, 70 Tanzanian deaths each year. However in medieval times warriors how had a reputation for being brave were often given the nickname “lion”.


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