Palm Oil

These brands: Trident, Arnott’s, corinthians, coles smart buy, purity, swami sarasvati, organic care/natures organics and brute indurance are responsible for the unessecary, brutal deaths of these poor, innocent animals:   Unfortunately, orangutans are not the only species that is affected by the brands mentioned above, many other animals, both big and small, are drastically affected […] Read more »

Superb Lyrebird

As its name suggests, the superb lyrebirds is a species of lyrebird. Of the two species of lyrebirds (Albert lyrebirds and superb lyrebirds) the superb lyrebird is the overall biggest. The superb lyrebird is similar to its relative the Alberts lyrebird in the fact that it is not completely flightless, but will commonly fly short […] Read more »

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