Plastic Bags

What would you think would be in those plastic bags that you buy at the supermarket each day. Well I can tell you now that it is not what you think. Plastic bags are made out of mainly polethyne The best solution is to stop using them altogether. It usually takes over 100 years for […] Read more »

The Eco-system

The Eco system is a community of life that all works in harmony. For example: the plants eat the soil,water and the sun, the bug eats the plant,the birds eat the bugs, the cats eat the birds etc. An Eco system is a thing that makes up the regions of the world. It supports the worlds life forms. […] Read more »


Meerkats unlike there name suggests, they do not belong to the cat family. The in fact belong to a classification  called mammals, however their species actually belong to the mongoose family. They live in small “mobs” or “clans” that usually consist of  about 20 individuals, however some families can grow to be as big as 40 individuals!, […] Read more »

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